About Koyakal

In the beginning of the 15th century emerged the mighty Kingdom of Gondwana (Gonds, Koi, Koitur etc). The empire is believed to extend in a vast land across India and neighboring nations. With great valor, the tribes fought to safeguard their native land from the Mughals and several other invaders. The tales of their legendary kings are still echoing in the deep dank forests of India.


These multi-talented, indigenous peoples known as tribes are the powerhouse of this country of Artistry. They account the historical heritage of their forefathers through their art, agriculture, lifestyle, folklore and dance forms inspired by nature.

During a cultural summit at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad a design student from NID, perceived the unpleasant status of these communities. Through post-performance interactions with the tribal artists, the complete picture of exploitation came to light.


The lack of education, healthcare, employment and acceptance from the urban population is a reason behind their damaging state. The rising levels of pollution, industrialization, and urbanization have pushed their natural habitats and resources on the verge of extinction.


The seeds of the harmonious relationship among the tribals, art, and nature germinated a vision to introduce their eco-friendly lifestyle to India residing in metros. This process gave birth to an extraordinary concept, we now recognize as Koyakal.



CEO Govardhan presenting at Artkhoj




Ours is a focus light that beams on the talent hidden inside the woods and has never been staged. Started with an aim to preserve and endorse the Tribal music and dance forms, we now are dedicated towards the better livelihoods of all the tribes across India.


Originated from the Sanskrit word “Koyaka” which means ‘The Protector of the tribe’, ‘Koyakal’ as a brand believes in empowering tribal communities by creating a self-sustainable environment for them. Koyaka craft is a milestone in the journey of creating a powerful brand identity for traditional arts and crafts in the era of machinery.


Koyakal aims to glorify the most remote Indian tribes and introduce their rich artistic heritage to rest of the Globe through their art forms, organic, agricultural & herbal products. It is a poignant step taken to showcase them dignifiedly to the parallel modern world. The company has been pulling out all the stops to bring opportunities for progress to the tribal families and give them wings to fly. Although we are laying a direct impact on a few lives we are indirectly serving thousands through our conceptualized designing. The organically designed artifacts are not merely ornamenting the interiors but also evolving as a new replacement to plastic.


Each artifact enlisted on the website promotes original tribal art forms. To bridge the socio-economic divide between the urbanized peoples and the rural artisans & farmers by establishing their identity in the market. The destination of this journey is to invigorate the talent and immortalize the epic saga of Indian tribes by narrating them through the finest masterpieces.